Welcome to PreauxActive photography, where our primary aim is your awe!

Our Mission

It is the mission of PreauxActive photography to capture a moment and enable it to be shared with others, re-lived, researched, and possibly be handed down generation to generation. Our Aim is your Awe.

Company Profile

PreauxActive, pronounced "pro-active", was created after several requests from friends and family to take some high quality action shots of loved ones playing sports. "Preaux", is my made up, "Cajunized", spelling of "Pro". This spelling allows me to both preserve a piece of my proud heritage, as well as insure my uniqueness in the business name game, and photography marketplace. 

I have been a very serious amateur photographer since 1992, and have been getting paid to photograph since 2000. I have only had 1 image returned out of the several hundred sold. It was a lady who ordered this stunning picture of a little boy, that just happened to not be her son!!

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is through email: service@preauxactive.com