Welcome to PreauxActive Productions, where we take pride in making you sound GREAT!

Our Mission

It is the mission of PreauxActive Productions to make you sound great. Whether it's a live multi performer event, or our recording services, you will sound great to everyone you intend to reach. We accomplish this through using the proper equipment for the application, our technical expertise, and relaxed atmosphere. With PreauxActive Productions, you have a friend in the music world.

Company Profile;

PreauxActive, pronounced "pro-active", was created to cover a niche in music that needed to be filled. We provide professional quality and results, often at rates that will fit into an Amateur's budget. We can achieve this by keeping our overhead really low, and as a result of our genuine interest in helping good music get heard. Discovering, developing, and promoting talent, and   helping that talent reach the mid-Masses is what we are all about.

What's in a name?

Preaux", is my made up, or "Cajunized", spelling of "Pro". This spelling allows me to both preserve a piece of my proud heritage, as well as insure my uniqueness in the business name game. Pro-Active is our attitude. Sitting and waiting is for birds with full bellies. We work hard t stay ahead, and keep our plans, agendas, and ideas on the cutting edge of efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact Information

For more information on PreauxActive, just send us an email: service@preauxactive.com